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What Do Bed Bugs Look Like


If you think you have bed bugs at home, you need to be able to identify them. The first step is to know what bed bugs look like.

Looking at bed bug pictures online may not be as satisfying as looking at pictures of cats. But knowing what bed bugs look like can help you protect yourself from infestation.

It is a common misconception that bed bugs are invisible.

They may be small, but you can see them with the naked eye.

The reason people think they’re invisible is that you often won’t know you have bed bugs until it’s too late. Bed bugs are masters of stealth. They can hide in any crack or crevice, only coming out to feed at night.

So you may not know that you have a pest problem until you wake up covered in bed bug bites.

But if you know what bed bugs look like, they’re a lot easier to spot.

That means you can perform bed bug treatment in your home a lot sooner. The faster you can identify an infestation, the better chance you have of removing it before things get out of hand.

Here’s what bed bugs look like, and what you should do if you have them.

Our bed bug exterminators service businesses and homeowners throughout NYC and the tri-state area. Bed bug inspection is just one of the bed bug pest control services that we offer.

We’re here to help you identify your bed bug problem so you can figure out your next steps.

Once you know what bed bugs look like, you’ll never mistake them for anything else. Adult bed bugs can vary in size. But they are usually about as big as an apple seed, or roughly 1/4”. They can grow as large as 1/2” after a hardy blood meal.

Their round, flat bodies make it easy for them to slip into cracks and crevices where you won’t see them. Young bed bugs are smaller, about 5 mm.

Bed bug nymphs, as well as bed bugs who haven’t eaten in a while, could be clear or white. But most active bed bugs will be reddish brown since they are full of your blood.

If you see even one of these pests in your home, call a bed bug exterminator immediately.

All it takes is one bed bug and you can have a full-blown infestation in just a few short weeks.

Our bed bugs control team is standing by to assist you with all your pest control needs. Don’t wait until your home is overrun.

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