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Tips for Effective Bed Bug Control and Prevention in Hotels


Travellers very often pick up bed bug infestations in hotels, and this is bad news for hotel managers. The best way to protect your business from this threat is with proper bed bug prevention and control protocols.

How Bed Bugs Threaten the Hotel Industry

Bed bugs can wreak havoc on your hotel. Infestations can spread from room to room like wildfire, which means your customers are at risk to take them home! Paying for bed bug treatments, property damage, and legal fees on litigations with infested clients can cause your business to tank. Not to mention, once your hotel becomes known for its bed bugs it will be hard to persuade customers to stay there.

How Common are Bed Bugs in Hotels?

Bed bugs are incredibly common in hotels. In fact, hotels are one of the top three places bed bugs love to visit the most. On average, a given hotel will have about 7 bed bug incidents over a five year period, and 50% of hotels have paid for bed bug related litigation costs in the past several years. Hotels can spend anywhere between $7,000 to $30,000 per bed bug related incident.


Steps on How to Find Bed Bugs’ Hiding Place in Hotel Rooms

  1. Flip the mattress. Bed bugs don’t get their name for nothing, so start with the bed. Remove the mattress from the bed frame and place all linens in clear plastic bags. Then, thoroughly check every inch of the mattress, including in between the seams.
  2. Don’t forget the bed frame. Make sure your inspection includes a thorough look at each crevice and corner of the bed frame. This is another popular hiding spot for these invasive pests to wait for their next blood meal.
  3. Bedside cabinets. Any nightstands, cabinets, or drawers near the bed will also need to be thoroughly inspected. Place any books, papers, knick knacks, and other clutter in clear plastic bags as you search.
  4. Wardrobes. Bed bugs love to hide in clothing, so it’s a high possibility that a few might be hanging around inside the closets or dressers of your hotel room waiting to latch onto their next unsuspecting victim.
  5. Walls & outlets. If there are any cracks in your walls, spaces between your baseboards and carpets, or even wall decor like clocks and paintings, bed bugs could be hiding inside. Do a full clutter cleanup and check these areas. Pay special attention to electrical outlets that bed bugs might be using to travel from room to room.

Guide for Effective Bed Bug Control in Hotels

  1. Proper training. A staff that’s untrained in proper bed bug treatment will be effective at protecting your hotel against bed bugs. Educate your staff on bed bug prevention methods for hotels and protect your business from the most fundamental level.
  2. Spray often. Every time your staff turns over a hotel room, they should be practicing bed bug prevention. This means using a non-toxic bed bug spray in their regular cleaning regimens.
  3. Routine inspections. Train your hotel staff on how to identify bed bugs so they’ll always be on the lookout. Cleaning staff should be performing bed bug inspections every time they service a room in order to control and prevent the spread of infestation.
  4. Mattress covers. Whenever possible, beds should be protected with bed bug proof mattress encasements. Bed bug mattress covers will prevent unwanted pests from infesting a bed. They will also trap any pre-existing bugs inside – protecting clients from bed bug bites and more.
  5. Bed bug laundry. Using a bed bug laundry detergent when washing linens adds an extra layer of protection by ensuring bed bugs are eliminated from sheets, blankets, and more in the wash.

The Importance of Having a Bed Bug Treatment Protocol in hotels

The exterminators at BedBug911 offer expert bed bug prevention services for your hotel. Our fully customizable, personalized extermination services make us a one stop shop for all your bed bug needs. We are available 24/7 to provide routine inspections, treatments, and more bed bug control options.

Call the Professionals

Bed bugs are hardy, but that does not mean bed bug treatment and prevention has to put you at risk. The best professional bed bug exterminator will always have non-toxic ways to prevent and exterminate bed bugs to keep you and your loved ones safe from the impact of infestation.


Simple preventative maintenance and a good pest control routine is essential to any hotel to ensure successful business operations. Talk to the professionals and prevent bed bugs from being a problem for your bottom line.