The Role of Bed Bug Management in Commercial Establishments

Most people assume that bed bugs are a personal problem that only affects people’s private homes. However, many businesses are prone to bed bug infestation as well. Hospitals, nursing homes, schools, restaurants, offices, retail stores, and more can all suffer big consequences if bed bugs decide to move in.

Why Bed Bug Control is Needed for Commercial Establishments?

Identifying the signs of bed bugs and keeping the infestation under control requires expert supervision. Standard protocols for businesses should include regular bed bug inspections, preparation, and treatments. Even if a full blown infestation is not underway, these procedures act as great preventative maintenance. In the event of a serious bed bug invasion, taking these steps will protect your business and your customers from serious damages.

Risks of Bed Bugs for Businesses

Bed bugs can overwhelm your establishment from right under your nose, causing you to have to slow down or halt operations until they have been exterminated. If a customer or employee brings home an infestation that started with you, that can be very bad news for your business.

Benefits of Having a Bed Bug Treatment Protocol for Commercial Establishments
  1. Cost effective. Protect your business against damages, lawsuits, and other high expenses with a good pest control routine. Bed bug prevention is good for the bottom line.
  2. Bed bugs can come from anywhere. You never know when a bed bug might infiltrate your business. Perhaps one of your employees or customers is unknowingly helping them gain access to your establishment – or maybe it’s even you!
  3. Infestations spread like wildfire. One day your business is fine, and the next it’s been completely overtaken. It only takes a few weeks for one or two bed bugs to grow into a full infestation. Regular maintenance is key to nipping things in the bud.
  4. Protect your reputation. Word of mouth advertising is still the best for business, so the last thing your brand needs is to be known for bed bug bites. Keep your customers safe from unwanted pests and keep your business safe from unwanted rumors.
  5. Expert assistance. Bed bugs can be a lot to handle when your plate is full managing your daily workflow. Having a protocol for bed bugs in commercial establishments puts your business in good hands so that you can focus on keeping things running smoothly.


Pest Control Equipment Every Commercial Establishment Should Have
  1. Non-toxic bed bug sprays. Harsh pest control chemicals can make your commercial establishment inaccessible for days. The right bed bug protocol for business will include non-toxic sprays so that you can treat the premises without closing your doors.
  2. Industrial steamers. Heat treatments can be an effective option in your pest control plan, but only the high temperatures of an industrial steamer will make an impact on a potential bed bug infestation. Industrial steamers can reach depths that other products can’t, taking out any undetected bed bugs hidden beneath the surface instantly.
  3. HEPA security. Regularly vacuuming is a great part of any bed bug protocol because you can routinely suck up any unwanted pests. But, only a vacuum with a certified HEPA filter is strong enough to trap bed bugs inside and prevent their escape.
  4. Safety gear. You wouldn’t play full contact sports without the right gear, and you shouldn’t play with bed bugs without it either! The best protocols for bed bugs in commercial establishments will always include bed bug proof gear to help prevent the spread of the infestation when performing inspections and treatments.
  5. Protective options. Keeping your furniture safe with bed bug proof covers is an excellent preventative measure. Stocking up on clear plastic bags, rubber gloves, and other bed bug prep supplies means you’re always ready to spring into action.


When to Ask for Professional Advice

Sometimes DIY pest control just doesn’t cut it. To keep your business operational, you want to get rid of bed bugs fast – and that means letting the professionals do what they do best. Large or rapidly growing infestations are serious business. It’s best to let the experts step in and get things back under control.


A bed bug infestation can start anywhere at any time. Don’t let an unnecessary pest control problem get in the way of your business’s success. Talk to the experts at BedBug911 and develop a fully customized bed bug protocol perfect for your exact needs.

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