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Bed Bug 911® private labels our complete line of bed bug spray and bed bug mattress covers for domestic and international wholesale distributors. When minimum order quantities are met, our print and design team coordinates with our customers to create custom inserts and/or labels that present the look and feel of our distributors’ brands.

These inserts and/or labels are added at our manufacturing facility and are delivered to our customers “ready to use”. We are also amenable to providing drop-ship services to increase distribution logistics and decrease shipping costs.

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Custom Cut & Sew

Bed Bug 911® cuts and sews custom sized mattress protectors to the specifications of our customers with unique requirements. 

This includes custom sewing mattress covers for international bed sizes, duvet covers, dog furniture covers, other furniture covers and nearly any other custom job imaginable.

Custom Bottle Sizes & Counter Display

In addition to Bed Bug 911’s existing product line, we offer our private label distributors the option to create custom bottle designs and sizes.

We also design custom counter display units, shippers and other retail display options that fit into any planogram.

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Custom Formula Development

Choose the formula you want from the range of products and product lines


Indicate quantity of orders as low as

1000 units


Chose the packaging for your products from our range of materials


Design your label and brand your product to excel in your make


We will process your orders and have them ready for you with confidentiality, professionalism and reliability

Our clients and awaRds

Our private label products are sold and distributed worldwide. Create your own line of products using our award winning product manufacturing services. Design innovative proprietary formulas perfect for your business and reach anyone across the globe!

private label products

Our private label pet care and grooming supplies open up many doors for everybody in the pet industry, on any level. Whether you run a pet lover's blog, a grooming station or a pet supplies chain, putting your own private brand on your dog shampoos, cat grooming wipes or stain and odor removers will be a noteworthy selling point for your business.

Professionals in the hotel and hospitality, housekeeping and extermination industries can choose to put their own brand on our extensive product line to add the finishing touches to your business. No matter what your private label needs, Hygea Natural has te solution.

custom private label formulas

Hygea Natural works with worlds-class scientists and entomologists to develop cutting-edge custom formulas to meet your private label needs. Wheter it is adding a custom fragrance to our private label pet care products, or tailoring the formulas of our clients or extermination products to your exact specifications, we are happy to deliver exclusive products just for you

We can private label:

  • Custom-blended formulas to match your specifications
  • Exclusive , proprietary formulas to fulfil a new need
  • Formulas developed to comply with the FDA requirements

Full service Private Label product support

Hygea Natural is a complete one-stop shop for all your private label needs. We can customise private label packaging, formulas, products sizes and so much more.

Hygea Natural can provide:

Business advantages include:

Bigger Profit Margins

Bigger profit margins by purchasing direct from the manufacturer

High Quality Products

High quality products with your brand logo and name

Proprietary blends

Proprietary blends developed for your private label

No distributor markups

No distributor markups means affordable pricing for your customers

Customised private label

Customised private label packaging emphasises your brand


Anyone who wants to give tjeis business a competitive edge. Our Private Label clientes include:

  • Online Retailers (Amazon, Ebay)
  • Small companies and entrepreneurs
  • Established and expanding businesses
  • Companies interested in brand recognition
  • Exterminators
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