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Made in the USA; adhering to the
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Made in the USA; adhering to the highest standards of quality


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What makes BedBug911 the best bed bug exterminator in NYC? We have nearly 3 decades providing the most comprehensive solutions for bed bug extermination available. The innovative 3-Step Solution that we pioneered is designed to provide our clients with a streamlined bed bug treatment to get rid of bed bugs fast and prevent them from coming back in the future.

wbe certified

As a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise, Bed Bug 911 specializes in both residential and commercial bed bug extermination and was founded in 1993 by President Nicole Levine.  Our personalized approach to bed bug extermination is what makes BedBug911 stand out as the best bed bed bug exterminator in NYC. For nearly 3 decades, we have been leading the field of pest control including the innovation and manufacturing of our own extermination supplies. We are proud to use the products we manufacture on our own exterminations.


Bed Bug 911 provides a “one-stop-shop” offering every effective product and service necessary to effectively eradicate bed bugs and prevent their return.  We were the first and still are the only company capable of providing products and services under one roof. Our bed bug exterminator spray is ground breaking technology that was conceptualized by our team of scientists and entomologists. Because of our unique innovation, we won the “Exporter of the Year” award in 2015 and in 2018, we won “Most Innovative Product of the Year.”

safe & non-toxic

Your safety is our top priority. It was important for us to create a bed bug spray that was extremely effective while at the same time natural and gentle on humans. The scientist and entomologists on our team did just that. Becuase the Bed Bug 911 Exterminator Spray is formulated from naturally occurring enzymes, it kills bed bugs on contact by destroying their outer shell but it is completely safe to use around children, pets and people with respiratory issues.

hygea natural was born

After the first formulation of Bed Bug Exterminator Spray, Hygea Natural was conceptualized and born in 2007 with a mission of bringing the world natural pest control sprays and supplies.  From there, Hygea moved into the field of natural pet care and cleaning supplies.  Now, we are branching out into the cosmetic and skincare industry.  Hygea Natural has an amazing team of chemists joined by the innovation of CEO Nicole Levine, and the options of new natural products simply keep coming to fruition.

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Our Natural Product Solutions

Bed Bug 911 Exterminator Spray is made in the USA.  It is scent free, stain free and chemical free.  It is completely safe for humans and kills bed bugs on contact.


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