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Recognizing a Bed Bug


How do you recognize a bed bug? We’ll show you! Here are the signs you should look out for the next time you check your home.

Your ability to recognize bed bugs in your home is essential to eliminating a serious problem before it develops beyond your control.

Wondering whether or not you have bed bugs is enough to make you want to run out and buy a new mattress. But before you stress yourself out for no reason, make sure you can identify the source of the infestation.

Recognizing a bed bug is easy once you know what they look like. We help people identify signs of bed bugs in their homes during our bed bug inspection services.

Let us help you pinpoint whether or not these pests are overtaking your home and help you develop a plan to get rid of them.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

You can see bed bugs without any special equipment. Adult bed bugs are about a quarter-inch in size. Their eggs are small and translucent, but they are still visible to the naked eye. Take a look for bed bug eggs and casings around your boxspring or bed frame.

They have round, flat bodies that allow them to easily slip into cracks and crevices to hide.

Female bed bugs have circular abdomens, while male bed bugs are longer and more pointed.

Bed bugs feed on your blood, which gives them a reddish-brown color when well-fed. Their droppings are a similar color, rust or dark brown to black, and they will stain your sheets.

What To Do if You Have Bed Bugs

The longer you wait to deal with a bed bug infestation, the more at risk you are for spreading bed bugs to other rooms in your home. It will be much harder for you to get rid of bed bugs if you allow them to take over your home.
Call an exterminator right away. We will help you eliminate bed bugs from your home as quickly and safely as possible.

Bed Bug 911 offers the most complete bed bug treatment available.

If you need help getting rid of bed bugs, let us know.

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