Exterminator Spray, Refill, & Laundry Treatment




Bed Bug Exterminator 24oz spray, 1 gallon refill, and laundry additive is part of our comprehensive bed bug treatment. The one gallon bottle is used to refill the 24 oz bed bug spray as well as all other Bed Bug 911 spray bottles. Bed Bug Exterminator is a green and powerful bed bug treatment spray for household and commercial use.

Bed Bug Treatment is:

• Scent-free

• Stain-free

• Chemical-free

• Safe around children & pets

Efficacy studies performed by a leading U.S entomologist found 100% kill rate; making it an excellent solution for Do It Yourself. Bed Bug Exterminator Spray is used worldwide by hotels, dormitories, and the hospitality industry to prevent bed bug infestations as well as by exterminators and pest control professionals for bed bug treatment. The non-toxic bed bug spray treatment kills bed bugs on contact and can be used on all water-safe surfaces.


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