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We are very happy to announce that Bedbug911 won the Award for Best Innovative Product / Service Award for our Bed Bug 911 Spray Our Effective products are inspired by nature with complete Bed Bug killing effects.

We carry bed bug travel spray, ideal for taking with you to hotels, summer camps, clothing stores and theaters. Our spray will kill bed bugs on contact, allowing you to rest assured that you won’t be bitten while you sleep when you’re traveling.


Bed Bug 911 is a leading bed bug preparation and pest extermination company offering solutions to residential and commercial customers throughout New York. As a bed bug product manufacturer, we make and use our own natural products. A subsidiary of Home Clean Home, Inc., a full-service contract maintenance firm, Bed Bug 911 was founded in the wake of a bed bug epidemic that erupted, bringing with it a state of panic. The company provides a “one-stop-shop” offering every effective product and service necessary to effectively eradicate bed bugs.


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