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How To Identify What Bed Bug Bites Look Like on Your Skin


You should be able to tell what bed bugs look like without second-guessing yourself. It could save you from a lot of stress.

If you think you have bed bugs, the first step is knowing what bed bug bites look like. Those are usually the first sign that you have an infestation on your hands.

Bed bugs are vile, itchy pests that can invade your home and cause a lot of problems.

You may have experienced sleepless nights due to bed bug bites or even developed a severe itch after they bite you while you’re sleeping.

The good news is that there are effective ways to prevent and treat bed bug infestations. It all starts when you know what bed bug bites look like.

Knowing what signs indicate there are bed bugs in your home will help ensure that you get rid of this pest before too much damage has been done.

Calling a bed bug exterminator right away spares you a lot of hassle.

Learn To Recognize Bed Bug Bites

It’s important that you learn to recognize bed bug bites because they can be mistaken for other insects. Knowing what bed bug bites look like also helps you identify an infestation sooner.

  • Bed bug bites often appear as red, raised, and itchy welts on your skin. They often form in patterns that look like lines or clusters with a small central bump.
  • Bed bug bites may give you an allergic reaction if you have sensitive skin, but it’s rare. For the most part, they are just a tad itchy. They may look like hives at first, but there are no serious health risks associated with bed bug bites.
  • Bed bug bites can be mistaken for mosquito bites because they both have a similar appearance. But mosquitos usually only bite in an area once. Bed bugs will bite in the same spot multiple times


The easiest way to determine if you have bed bugs is by identifying their bite marks on your body.

Once you know what bed bug bites look like, it’s easy to tell whether you have them or not.

Then, it’s time to determine where these nasty pests are hiding in your home.
Bed bugs are small, flat, and brown. They are about the size of an apple seed and can be found in mattresses, box springs, and other furniture.

Bed bug bites usually occur at night while sleeping when their hosts are sleeping soundly.

So if you wake up covered in bed bug bites, make sure to check your mattress immediately.

These are signs that bed bugs are present in your home:
  • Bed bug bites on your skin
  • Blood spots on your bedding
  • Fecal stains on sheets or pillowcases
  • A musty odor where bed bugs are hiding


Finding bed bugs in your home is a sign that it’s time to call a professional exterminator.

Even if you have not noticed the presence of bed bugs in your home, it is still possible that they are there. An inspection by a professional exterminator will help determine whether bed bugs exist in your home and how to treat them.

If You Spot Signs Of Bed Bugs, Call An Exterminator

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