How to Make Bed Bugs Come Out of Hiding

Waking up itchy and don’t know why? You may have bed bugs hiding somewhere that you can’t see. Keep reading for our expert tips on locating a hidden infestation.

Where do Bed Bugs Hide?
  1. Furniture. Bed Bugs are likely to make their hiding place close by to you. Your bed, box spring, and couch are prime targets, but they can also hide in cabinets and drawers!
  2. Clothing. Oftentimes bed bugs get into your home by hitching a ride on your clothing or your purse. They can remain hidden in your laundry pile for days or even weeks until you disturb them to put your things in the wash.
  3. Clutter. Loose papers, piles of clothes, wall decor, and miscellaneous knick knacks that are left unkempt make the perfect hiding place – and breeding grounds – for bed bugs.
  4. Walls. Bed bugs will make the most of any space, hiding easily behind wallpaper or cracks in walls, floors, and baseboards. In larger infestations, bed bugs can even be hidden deep behind the walls far out of sight!
  5. Outlets. Electrical outlets provide bed bugs with a convenient entrance to your home and an even more convenient retreat behind your walls. They can even hide in electronic devices and appliances
How to Check Bed Bugs in a Room?
  1. Start with the Furniture. Check the seams of your mattress, corners of your bed frame, underneath couch cushions, or in and around any other upholstered furniture. Bed bugs like to remain close by, but out of sight, so start your search here.
  2. Clear all clutter. Lots of clutter and knick knacks means lots more places for bed bugs to hide. Eliminating hiding places will help to make your bed bug inspection easier.
  3. Bed bug droppings. Look for small dark red spots on your furniture, linens, and clothes. Bed bug feces look like rust, and they are a good marker for a nearby infestation.
  4. Bed bug shells. Bed bugs shed their skin as they grow, leaving their casings behind. Spotting a cluster of these shells may confirm the presence of bed bugs in your home.
  5. Thorough inspection. Use a flashlight if needed, and scour your home inch by inch carefully looking in, through, and under each object. Store personal items and clutter safely out of the way in clear plastic bags as you meticulously search from top to bottom.
Ways to Make Bed Bugs Come out of Hiding
  1. Bed Bug Spray Using a bed bug spray will eliminate the infestation on contact, but it will also make that area inhabitable as long as the product remains active. Applying a generous amount of spray will force the bed bugs to take a detour.
  2. Bed Bug Laundry. Washing & drying clothing and linens with a bed bug laundry detergent will remove any bed bugs from the fabrics and expose any potential pests living in your personal effects.
  3. Force them out. Use a credit card or a paint scraper to drag along the inside of tight spaces and force bed bugs out of hiding.
  4. Plastic Bags. Packing up all your loose items into clear plastic bags can help keep your things safe from bed bugs. You can also track for signs of infestation from inside the bags much easier than leaving your things out in the open.
  5. Steam. Bed bugs do not like heat. Industrial steamers can penetrate into fabrics and cracks in the walls to drive bed bugs out of hiding from deep within the infested area. High enough temperatures can be fatal to these blood-sucking pests.
What to Do After Finding Where Bed Bugs Hide

Prepare for extermination. Laundry and clutter clearing must be prioritized or your pest control treatment will be rendered useless. BedBug911’s exterminator service is a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Contact the Professionals

Bed bug extermination can be a big job. If you suspect that you have a bed bug infestation in your home, call BedBug911 for a consultation. Their experts are standing by 24/7 to help you get rid of bed bugs fast.

Identifying an infestation is simple once you know what to do. The fewer places bed bugs have to hide, the easier it will be for you to confirm their presence and get them out of your home!

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