How Bed Bugs Grow and Reproduce

Bed bugs are most active when we sleep. They crawl onto exposed skin, inject a mild anesthetic and suck up a small amount of blood. Most people never feel the actual bite. Bed bugs need a blood meal to grow and lay eggs. A female lays 5-7 eggs per week and if fed, will lay 200-500 eggs in her life. Eggs take about 10 days to hatch. Bed bugs are fully grown in 2 to 4 months and can live as long as a year.

Preparation For Bed Bug Extermination

Preparation for bed bug extermination includes bed bug inspection, bed bug cleaning techniques, clearing clutter, as well as laundry and dry cleaning. After we detect and contain signs of bed bug infestation, we stop them in their tracks and maximize the effectiveness of bed bug extermination.

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