How To Protect Your Business From Bed Bugs

As a business owner, the negative effects of bed bugs to businesses should be a cause for concern. No business is safe from bed bugs, an infestation can start anywhere at any time, and these unwanted visitors can be costly. Why Pests Are a Threat to Every Business Bed bug infestations can cut into your profits. Low employee morale, bad reputation, and customer dissatisfaction caused by a bed bug infestation will eat at your sales. […]

The Role of Bed Bug Management in Commercial Establishments

Most people assume that bed bugs are a personal problem that only affects people’s private homes. However, many businesses are prone to bed bug infestation as well. Hospitals, nursing homes, schools, restaurants, offices, retail stores, and more can all suffer big consequences if bed bugs decide to move in. Why Bed Bug Control is Needed for Commercial Establishments? Identifying the signs of bed bugs and keeping the infestation under control requires expert supervision. Standard protocols […]

How Long Does it Take for a Bed Bug Infestation to Develop?

Bed bugs are master infiltrators. They could be taking over your home right now and you wouldn’t even know it until it was too late. Don’t sleep on bed bugs! Stay protected and get a good night’s rest every night. How Long Can You Have Bed Bugs and Not Know It? It is easy to disregard itching at night or waking up with a few red bumps on your skin, but there might be an […]

How to Make Bed Bugs Come Out of Hiding

Waking up itchy and don’t know why? You may have bed bugs hiding somewhere that you can’t see. Keep reading for our expert tips on locating a hidden infestation. Where do Bed Bugs Hide? Furniture. Bed Bugs are likely to make their hiding place close by to you. Your bed, box spring, and couch are prime targets, but they can also hide in cabinets and drawers! Clothing. Oftentimes bed bugs get into your home by […]

Bed Bugs in Walls: Learn How to Find and Get Rid of Them

Having bed bugs in your walls is a serious issue. Here’s what to do. It can be difficult to find the source of your bed bug infestation if they’re living in your walls. You can’t get rid of them if you don’t know where they’re hiding. Bed bugs are a plague of the modern age. They were once rare, but they’ve been on the rise in recent years. Many people have had to deal with […]

Do-It-Yourself Bed Bug Kit: A Complete Bed Bug Treatment

Our bed bug extermination treatment is available for DIY use at home! Why stress yourself out waiting for your bed bug extermination service to arrive when you could get started with a do-it-yourself treatment? Our bed bug kits have everything you need. Bed bug infestations are quickly spreading throughout the US, including New York City. The tiny creatures are difficult to see with the naked eye and can cause itching, loss of sleep, and tons […]