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Can You See Bed Bugs on Your Bed?


Here’s what to do if you see bed bugs crawling around your bed.

Yes, you can see bed bugs on your bed. You may not think that’s a good thing. But it can help you identify an infestation before it grows and runs you out of your home.

Bed bugs are reddish-brown in color. Despite their small size, you can see them with the naked eye. These parasitic insects feed on your blood while you sleep at night.

They’re tiny(about the size of an apple seed), and their round, flat bodies mean they can hide almost anywhere.

You can find bed bugs in mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and headboards. They can even be lurking in the cracks of your floorboards or inside electrical outlets.

Bed bugs are so invasive that nearly 97% of pest control services are just to get rid of them!
Since they’re so good at hiding, you may not even realize you have a bed bug infestation for up to 7 weeks. By then, the bed bugs will be fully grown, and your infestation full-blown.
But if you know the signs of bed bugs, you can spot the infestation early.

Signs of Bed Bugs in Your Home

Waking up covered in bed bug bites.

The most obvious sign that you have an infestation is bed bug bites. While not everyone has a reaction, for most people bed bug bites appear as raised, itchy welts. Check for red bumps arranged in a straight line or a cluster.

Look for blood stains on your mattress, furniture, and clothes.

After a bed bug bites you, there may be blood stains on your sheets, pillows, mattress, and other furniture like your couch. If these blood-sucking pests were hiding in your clothes, you may find stains from blood droplets there too!

Bed bugs leave droppings that look like peppercorn-sized black dots.

Bed bugs leave their droppings wherever they feed, which means every place on your mattress will have brown or black dots staining it. You may find that the folds of your mattress have a darker-colored spot where there’s been a lot of activity.

Bed bugs shed their skin as they mature.

When bed bugs grow, they shed their skin as they do so. As a result, you will find white or clear insect shells near your furniture. These casings tend to gather in clusters. If you have a lot of them, it may be a sign your bed bug infestation is large.

Musty odors coming from bed bug hiding places.

Bed bugs can be hard to see because they are so good at hiding. But where you can’t see them, you can smell them. Get a bed bug inspection right away if you notice any unpleasant odors coming from your furniture or cracks in the walls.

There may be live bed bugs crawling around on your mattress, too.

Bed bugs are small, and they can hide in nooks and crannies that you may not be able to see.
For this reason, it’s possible to have bed bugs in your mattress without being able to spot them on the surface of your bed.

Bed bugs have been found hiding in the seams of mattresses and box springs, as well as inside headboards and bed frames. They can also be tucked away deep inside your furniture where you can’t reach them.

It only takes about 2-3 weeks for a bed bug infestation to take over your home—and you only need to bring home one bed bug to end up with a serious problem.

You do not want to waste time and run the risk of having thousands of bed bugs scurrying around your home, eating you alive at night.

If you notice any signs of bed bugs in your home or see any crawling on your bed, don’t wait.

Get help from a professional bed bug exterminator immediately.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs Quickly and Safely

If you think you have bed bugs, the first thing to do is call a professional exterminator.

These pests are difficult to get rid of. There is no point in taking chances trying to do it yourself, just to end up with an even bigger problem than the one you started with.

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