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Can You Have Bed Bugs and Not Have Bites?


Bed bug bites are a common sign of bed bug infestation. But what if you don’t have any bites? Are there still bed bugs in your

It is possible that you have bed bugs without waking up with any bed bug bites. Bed bug infestations take a few weeks to grow before you notice them.

Bed bugs are one of the most common pests that homeowners deal with, but they’re also difficult to detect. If you have bed bugs in your home, they may not be easy to see until they’ve multiplied and become a large infestation.

That’s why we created a proactive pest control service that helps people protect themselves from bed bugs before, during, and after an infestation.
When you start your day covered in bed bug bites, it’s obvious you have an infestation.

But what about when you don’t?

Can bed bugs bite you and not leave a mark?

Bed bugs can bite you through clothing and leave no visible mark. Many people have no reaction to bed bug bites at all.

Other people may develop small, red welts on their skin.

In this case, the bed bug bites will typically appear in a cluster or multiple bites in a straight line.

You may not notice a bed bug bite until several days later—or until the bite has already healed over and begun to scab over.

If you suspect that you have been bitten by a bed bug and don’t see any evidence of their presence in your home right away get a bed bug inspection from an exterminator!

How To Check Your Home For Bed Bugs

Inspect your mattress and box spring. Rremove the mattress and examine the underside of it for any castings or fecal stains—these are signs that bed bugs have been there recently.

You can also inspect the seams of any mattress. Just make sure you’re wearing gloves in case you come into contact with one!


Examine sheets and bedding. Check seams, folds in linens, under pillows, behind headboards—basically anywhere a small critter might hide!
Since you are the bed bug’s main food source, they will make their home as close to you as they possibly can. Look for signs of them hiding on surfaces near where you sleep most often.

Check furniture. Bedbugs love to hide in cracks and crevices anywhere in your house where they can find shelter and remain out of sight. Check between your couch cushions, in the drawers of your nightstand, and even behind your electrical outlets.

Bed Bug Removal Services in NYC

If you want to be sure that your home is bedbug-free, a professional pest control service can help. A trained technician will inspect your home for signs of bed bugs and then apply an appropriate treatment.

Our bed bug extermination services go one step further. We make sure that we eliminate any hiding places for the bugs before the treatment is applied. Bed bug preparation helps prevent re-infestation by reducing the places bed bugs can use to escape extermination.

If you want to protect yourself from bed bugs, choose BedBug911.

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