Can a Bed Bug Make Me or My Pet Ill?

Fortunately for both people and pets, bed bugs are not known to transmit disease. Some people or animals develop red welts or itchy lesions, which are often mistaken for flea or mosquito bites. So while they can cause discomfort and significant mental distress, bed bugs won’t give you or your pets diseases, though in severe cases scratching can lead to secondary skin infections. Many times people don’t notice bites at all. [Answer by authorized Vet]

We Have Bed Bugs! Will Treating Them Hurt My Pet?

Everything depends on the pest control company you hire or the product you use. As a pest control professional for more than a decade, Bed Bug 911 recommends the natural and powerful family and pet-friendly Hygea Natural Bed Bug spray. Hygea Natural is a leading manufacturer and global provider of natural and environmentally safe products. Product lines include pest control & extermination, pet care supplies, cleaning, and natural pest control solutions.

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