Best Bed Bug Company NYC

BedBug911 is the best bed bug company in NYC. We are the only bed bug company in NYC to offer preparation for bed bug extermination, treatment, and prevention all under one roof with our innovative 3 Step Process. The BedBug911 3 Step Process is the best bed bug treatment in NYC, because it provides our clients with a comprehensive solution for bed bugs. With the BedBug911 bed bug treatment, there is never a need to get any aspect of bed bug extermination or preparation done by an outside source.

As the best bed bug exterminator, we strive to provide our clients with flexible bed bug treatment services that can suit any need. Every aspect of bed bug treatment is taken care of. We have the best bed bug dog in NYC, sniffing out bed bug infestations from the source. BedBug911 is able to provide such versatile services thanks to parent company Home Clean Home and sister company Hoarders911. Founded by Nicole Levine, the three companies work together to provide all-in-one solutions that other companies simply cannot.

Nicole Levine and Home Clean Home have been in business for over 23 years. BedBug911, a branch of Home Clean Home, was founded after Nicole Levine realized her clients needed more than simply house cleaning. After deciding to go above and beyond for her clients, Nicole Levine founded BedBug911 in order to provide NYC with a bed bug dog, preparation for bed bug extermination, or any other bed bug treatment service that might be needed during a home cleaning service.

Because of Nicole Levine’s innovative thinking that puts the customer first, BedBug911 and Home Clean Home have grown to the corporate level as the best bed bug exterminator in NYC. As the best bed bug company in NYC, we take pride in offering 24/7 emergency bed bug services, for any and every bed bug extermination need that you may have.

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