Bed Bugs in NYC Dormitories

Bed Bugs in NYC Dormitories

In case you haven’t heard yet, bed bugs are back! These pesky creatures have once again become an epidemic. Bed bugs thrive in areas that are filled with clutter and people. The more people, the more hosts available for these parasitic creatures; making dormitories the perfect breeding ground for bed bugs. Not only do they have thousands of students, faculty, and janitorial staff to feed on, but they also have plenty of carriers available to spread this vicious pandemic across the nation. Because bed bugs can reproduce so quickly, entomologists and extermination experts agree that it is considerably cheaper and much more effective in preventing a bed bug infestation in contrast to removing them once a dormitory is infected.

Tips for Students and Schools:

1. Use bed bug protecting mattress encasements

2. Schedule regular bed bug dog inspections

3. Carry a bed bug travel spray when on the go

4. Schedule maintenance pest control

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