Bed Bugs in Hotels Increase at Astonishing Rates!

Bed Bugs in Hotels Increase at Astonishing Rates!

Are you aware that bed bugs are still causing trouble in hotels across the United States? Despite the efforts of hotel owners, the % of hotels affected by bed bug infestations is still alarmingly high. This is also true for other places, with pest professionals reporting bed bug encounters in the following environments:

  • Single-family homes (91%)
  • Apartments/condominiums (89%)
  • Hotels/motels (68%)
  • Nursing homes (59%)
  • Schools and daycare centers (47%)
  • Offices (46%)
  • College dorms (45%)
  • Hospitals (36%)
  • Public transportation (19%)

Bed bugs are known to hide in the seams and folds of couches, mattresses, and bed frames. However, they can also be found in unexpected places, such as stuffed animals, wheelchairs, airplanes, school buses, purses, and even inside bedside lamps.

To avoid bringing bed bugs back with you from your travels, consider using a Bed Bug Travel Spray. This spray can be used on luggage, clothing, and hotel bedding to help prevent bed bug infestations in your own home. With the prevalence of bed bugs in so many environments, it’s important to take preventative measures to protect yourself and your property.


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