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Bed Bug Prep Methods and Solutions


If you want to get bed bugs out of your home for good, then you need to use the right extermination techniques.

The bed bug prep methods you use will impact the success of your extermination. You may have heard that bed bugs can be difficult to get rid of. They will invade your home and keep coming back, no matter what you do.

Don’t believe everything you hear. You can get rid of bed bugs easily once you know how to do it. Our bed bug exterminators have developed a foolproof method to remove bed bugs from your home and make sure they stay gone. We call it the 3-Step Solution.

Using our 3-Step Solution will help you tackle bed bug treatment from every angle.

Here’s how you can protect yourself from bed bugs and eliminate them stress-free.

Our 3-Step Solution For Bed Bugs:

Preparation for bed bug extermination.

You should always prepare your home before you start any sort of treatment. Using the proper bed bug prep methods can actually help you reduce the size of your infestation before applying a single drop of bed bug spray.

Clear your home of clutter and pack your items into bags. Use clear plastic bags so you can track any bed bug activity inside. Do a bed bug laundry treatment on all your washable items, being careful to place them into fresh bags when complete.

Use a combination of steam cleaning and vacuuming to do a preliminary bed bug treatment in your home. We recommend an industrial steamer that reaches temperatures of at least 113℉ for 90 minutes per area.

Always vacuum with a HEPA filter that is designed to trap small particles. They will seal bed bugs and their eggs inside, preventing them from escaping.

Bed bug treatment.

Start treating your home immediately after you finish prep. The preparation should have eliminated any bed bug hiding places. That makes it easier for the bed bug spray to work.

Choose a natural bed bug spray to protect yourself while you treat your home.

We use non-toxic treatment methods for all of our bed bug extermination services.

Spray your home from top to bottom. Be extra sure you get every nook and cranny with a generous amount of spray.


Once you treat your home for bed bugs you want to do everything in your power to prevent a re-infestation from taking place right under your nose. Use a bedbug-proof mattress encasement to stop bed bugs from infesting or escaping.

Wash all secondhand clothing or furniture before bringing it home.

Never take inside anything you find on the curb—no matter how interesting it may seem.

Since you can’t completely guarantee that you will never come across another bed bug again, make sure you keep up with regular bed bug inspections.

Check your home for bed bugs often.

Perform follow-up bed bug treatments every two weeks. Do not unpack any of your belongings until you confirm that the bed bugs are gone.

If you need help getting rid of bed bugs, let us know.

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