Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur Nicole Levine spearheaded a 3-Step Solution for bed bugs. She founded Bedbug911 to provide NYC with comprehensive pest control services.

Chief Marketing Officer

Vanesa Lavine

Vanesa Levine is an integral part of Bedbug911’s growth. She leads the planning and execution of the company’s marketing initiatives.

Chief Operating Officer

Cindy Nackstary

Cindy works closely with our managed long-term care providers. She oversees our team’s daily operations, ensuring the success of every service we provide.

Field Manager

Hanan Edery

Hanan works directly with our pest control experts in the field. He provides the resources and strategies necessary for a job well done.

Executive Assistant

Dona Ismajli

Dona maintains the quality of our customers’ experiences. She leads our team in providing the excellent service that we’re known for.

Account Executive

Jay Shapiro

Jay supervises our client relations. He fosters close relationships with all our customers to ensure we’re always available to meet their needs.


Iris Deleon

Iris streamlines our operations. She works with our team to develop effective communication between our staff and our customers.

Administrative Assistant

Denise Despasito

Denise works closely with our customer support team. She provides a positive experience for everyone we serve.

Our prizes and awards


A native of Israel, Nicole Levine moved to the United States to further her education.  As a single mom, she used her ingenuity, knowledge and dynamic entrepreneurial spirit to create a successful start-up New York based service company.

In 2005 as New York was reintroduced to bed bugs, Bed Bug 911 was founded.  This enabled Nicole to offer the most comprehensive bed bug solution.  As she now had one-of-a-kind coupling of an experienced residential and commercial cleaning company with a licensed exterminating and bed bug prep solution.

Alongside these service divisions, Hygea Natural was born, a global, eco-friendly product manufacturer and research company focused on the manufacturing of green custom formulas and private labeling including the only custom line pressurized green steam cleaning machines.  Nicole is committed to the development and manufacturing of green pest control solutions that are American made, eco-friendly, non-toxic, chemical free and hypoallergenic.

The New York
Bed Bugs Solution

For nearly 3 decades, Bed Bug 911 has earned the title as best bed bug removal service in NYC.  We pioneered an innovative 3-step solution which is designed to provide our clients with a streamlined bed bug treatment to get rid of bed bugs fast and make sure the process is done safely and efficiently.


As a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise, Bed Bug 911 is a pest control management company, founded in 1993 by President Nicole Levine.  For nearly 3 decades, we have been leading the field of pest control including the innovation and manufacturing of our own extermination supplies.  We use the supplies we manufacture right here in the United States on our own commercial and residential extermination contracts.

EFFECTIVE bedbug products

Bed Bug 911 provides a “one-stop-shop” offering every effective product and service necessary to effectively eradicate bed bugs.  We were the first and still are the only company capable of providing products and services under one roof. Our bed bug exterminator spray is ground breaking technology that was conceptualized by our team of scientists and entomologists. Because of our unique innovation, we won the “Exporter of the Year” award in 2015 and in 2018, we won “Most Innovative Product of the Year.”