#1 Bed Bug Company in NYC

BedBug911 was rated the #1 bed bug company in NYC. We are the only bed bug company in NYC of its kind to offer a comprehensive bed bug treatment service that includes bed bug prep, or preparation for extermination, bed bug extermination, and prevention all under one roof. Our bed bug extermination company has been nominated for several awards by companies such as Inc.500, the Small Business Administration, and more, for our outstanding service, rapid growth, and global exportation of our bed bug sprays and other treatment products. We have been in business as a bed bug extermination company for over 23 years.

The BedBug911 3 Step Bed Bug Treatment method is based on Integrated Pest Management practices, and includes every aspect of bed bug removal. Our expert bed bug exterminator is even equip with a bed bug k9 sniffing dog for the best bed bug inspection results. We include bed bug inspection, and bed bug laundry & bed bug dry cleaning in our bed bug prep service in order to make sure that you are thoroughly prepared for bed bug extermination. For your convenience, should we discover any items that cannot be salvaged during the bed bug prep, we will pack up and perform rubbish removal and bed bug removal for all items with a bed bug infestation.

Offering fully comprehensive bed bug treatment services gives us the ability to provide our clients with a solution for every aspect of bed bug removal and bed bug extermination. We are an all-in-one bed bug treatment service, andcan develop a customized bed bug extermination plan for every individual no matter what.

BedBug911 is a bed bug product manufacturer that manufactures and uses our own 100% effective, natural bed bug extermination products. We also sell, and provide our clients with, bed bug mattress covers, and new mattresses & beds when needed. At BedBug911, the #1 rated bed bug extermination company in NYC, we stop at nothing to give our clients the very best bed bug treatment service available.

As the #1 bed bug company in NYC, we strive to give our commercial and residential clients the very best bed bug extermination service. Our operators are available 24/7 for any bed bug emergency. Call now for a free consultation. 718-517-2227

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